LIP Framework & Guidelines

When introducing a new proposal, please keep the following in mind. We’ve broken this process down into two distinct phases:

Phase 1: Community Feedback

  • Introduce a proposal on the Loot Talk forums using the template provided in Proposals: How To
  • Include a poll to capture initial community sentiment.
  • Proposal author should remain ready to engage with the community e.g. by answering their replies, addressing concerns, and adjusting the proposal as necessary.
  • The proposal will remain in the Community Feedback phase until the following criteria have been met:
    – at least 3 days of discussion have taken place
    – the proposal has received at least five comments from different community members
    – at least 25% of poll votes are “For”
  • After achieving sufficient engagement (defined above), the proposal author may request that the forum moderators assign the proposal an official LIP number (e.g., LIP-1234), after which the proposal may move to the Snapshot Voting phase.

Phase 2: Snapshot Voting

  • Once a proposal is assigned an official LIP number, the proposal author (or member of moderation team) should create the Snapshot proposal and include the LIP number in the title.
  • Snapshot proposal should include the author’s username and the finalized version of the proposal details.
  • Snapshot vote should be open for a minimum of 3 days to provide sufficient time for establishing quorum.
  • In order for a vote to pass it needs to have a majority approval (>50%) and include a quorum of at least 10% of Loot voting.