The Loot Grand Library: Idea

Fancy sword there, Adventurer. Good for you. All I have in my hand is…a Book :closed_book:. While at first you might think I’m at a disadvantage, as the ol’ saying goes…

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Book loot items are FULL of potential in Loot. They can potentially store crafting and potion recipes, snippets of canonical lore, magic and summoning spells, adventure journal entries and much more.

Note: When I refer to “Book” item type Loot, I’m including Chronicles, Grimoires and Tomes, as well as Books.

There are currently:

454 Book bags

443 Chronicles bags

460 Grimoire bags

462 Tome bags

Together, these Bag holders represent a powerful force in the Loot universe. In order to improve our coordination and play our role in the game of Loot, a Loot Library should exist.

The Loot Library could offer:

  • curation of books (staff picks). There are many writers and we should welcome branching storylines, but curation is needed in the coming tsunami of affiliated projects, derivatives and spinoffs.

  • showcases of things you can do with books (spells, crafting, lore, etc) and book Bag marketplace.

  • Book discovery, like a Google search index for the Loot book knowledge base. What recipes can I learn? What objects can I craft?

  • governance that represents all Book, Chronicle, Grimoire and Tome Bag holders

In order to facilitate this, a contract can be developed that allows Book item holders to claim either an NFT or ERC-20 token. Governance decisions can then be voted on using Snapshot.

There could also be a possibility you can mint a Grand Library Sponsor Plaque NFT, which should be displayed prominently on the Library interface. These Sponsors would help fund the development of the Loot Library, and should receive special treatment for their contributions.

It’s possible the wider Loot community is interested in sponsoring this, as the Library can be considered a public good that benefits all Lootologists.

About me: I’m a full-stack developer (Typescript, React), Solidity noob and am obsessed with Loot.

Bag #105, with a Book

Thanks for reading. I’m open to all suggestions, feedback and comments


I love this idea.

I think the organization of such a group is important, as the capturing and curation of these materials can help create reality consensus — or at least keep in step with the multiple lines of reality that will emerge.

How do you see participation / decision-making in the Loot Grand Library? As there are both Book Bag holders, as well as writers + librarians that won’t be holding bags.

I personally would like to contribute as a writer, and I collected a Book Bag because of it. But I imagine we’d want to include collectors holding books, as well as non-book holders who’s talents and interests lie here.

Look forward to your thoughts.

Bag #1844, with a Book of the Twins


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Brilliant idea. A grand library to store the accumulated knowledge of the Lootverse.

Good point. I think there needs to be a thoughtful mechanism design which discriminates at least between:

  • writers
  • Book bag holders (could be subdivided by book type)
  • library stakeholders

Some writers may not hold loot or Book bags. Some Book bags may not be writers. And the library could be considered a Loot community public good.

In terms of decision making, that’s another can of worms.

To further my thoughts on Bags with books: the reason it’s important is that Books are “native” to the Loot protocol. There can be other ancillary smart contracts, services, etc like the library but the Books themselves are part of the bag. Thus, they are portable to every experience that involves the Bag, such as games, battles, etc.

Who decides what the Books do? That’s a good question I’d like the community to explore.

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I can no longer edit the main post. There are:

454 Book bags
443 Chronicle bags
460 Grimoire bags
462 Tome bags

Since each Book type uses the same weapon slot in a bag, there is no overlap. Given the strong incentive to not be excluded from community events like battles, etc. this is a really motivated community that is 1819 members strong, or 18% of the Loot bag community.

Fixed it for you. Great post :slight_smile:

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That’s the spirit! So many derivatives based nothing besides random-gen + loot.

I’d love to see more expansion into meaning-making derivatives.

Minting “spells” or “recipes” based on Books in loot sounds hilariously fun.

Also I believe there are projects also experimenting with token-curated Wikis and it seems like a good thing to explore for The Grand Library.


I’m not a book holder (bag #5566) but I’d be interested in getting involved! A library would be a cool way to help build the lore around Loot, which would be relevant even to non-book holders. Ex. I have an amulet in my bag - what does the amulet do? Or what’s the history behind a special item (“of” or " ")? Maybe the answers can be found in the books and tomes of other bags. This was something I really liked about Skyrim - random books in the universe actually contained useful information, stories, etc.


love this idea! maybe our curation extension could help somehow

i just wrote a post :Building a Loot map by curating derivatives

I saw that a few days ago. Very cool. I’ve put out some adventure ships and in the spirit of offering more than the NFT, I’m putting together an owners and operations manual to be sent out with the ship. It’s the start of ‘useful information’ on my side of things, but could be a decent addition to a potential library. This reminds me of Powells Book Store in Portland OR; huge place with information on anything you want.

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A great idea! Looking forward to the library~

This is an awesome idea and shows the path to go through! Full support <3

Non-book bag holder and writer here. Would be very interested in contributing to the library. I’d love to spin some tales about my mythic items. Doing so in a way that incorporates the ideas of other Loot texts could become central to the expanding lootverse. I’m keen.


Always supporting writers and creative writing!