Updated: Using $Agld season 1 and season 2 as a method of governance and distribution for verified projects

please start here: https://twitter.com/Tater3000/status/1434037849108615177?s=20

The idea was shaped in Discord across multiple threads.

I boiled down into the tweet above and now see the need to add an additional layer since there is an immediate need to unify OG loot and derivatives for the sake of governance and work toward eliminating the noise and chaos that exists without an economy or set of societal rules.

To do this we must include a season 2 layer with a much larger supply.

$Agld will be awarded voting rights where a vote burns the currency to control whales and function like our meat space where we only get if we give up. And we only earn if we produce.

Season 2 $Agld would be airdropped to any Verified Loot Derivatives as they are verified Xnumber per asset via a claiming process (possibly just mloot holders- TBD).

Supply of M2 based on a inflationary amount of Season 1 Possibly 100X to encourage spending and flow as well as exchange possibility with Season 1. Season two would be the currency of utility.

The meat world votes with Fiat currency- What we wear, eat, and the world we build around us is defined by how and where people choose to spend there money. Demand for any one particular thing creates the need for a builder, artist, maker, writer to create supply. The challenge with loot is that its being built backwards and there is no way current system of governance.

$Agld is the solution here with Season 1 and season 2 both having specific function and crosstalk.

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AGDL to succeed it has to be a currency with incentives for people to use it. There is a reason Governments need to keep printing money to keep fueling the engines of a large society.

There will be games on top of loot with their own currencies this is an open world.

If AGDL wants any inclusive future it needs not only to incentivize a larger group but also keep incentivizing its usage.

Ponzis are not inclusive. There are already enough of those everywhere.